Manchester Moving And Storage - Don't use this company

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We hired Manchester Moving company to load our 22 ft Penski Truck from CT to Florida, At $110.00 per hour for two guys to load our furniture. We actually saw only one guy working hard and the other milking the job.

Obvious he's been working for the company for a long time and I'm sure trained to milk the consumer for all he can. It took Manchester Moving company in Ct to pack my furniture over five hours to load my furniture and boxes, They never protected my furniture. Put wood furniture against metal. But according to the owners of this company I should have called them while they were packing.

Thank God I had bubble wrap a lot of small stuff with cardboard to protect some furniture. I just assumed they would use my Penski Blankets to protect my big items. I had so much damage from this guy packing our truck. But don't call and complain for the owner will tell you he's not responsible for the items that moved around on the truck.

Or how the truck was packed, they don't care !! They will tell you your suppose to be on the truck to see how's it loaded, call right away with complaints, they have every excuse in the book for not being responsible for your damage. We took some picture of our damage items but truly they don't care.

I would not trust this company to move a plastic bag ! Beware of this company don't trust them !!

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Monetary Loss: $5000.

Manchester Moving And Storage - Abused Consumer

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OMG, where should I begin? Let's start from the beginning. Manchester Movers arrived to my storage to move my belongings from Chicago to Phoenix, Az. Upon their arrival, I was told that I would have to pay an additional $700.00 for square footage that was not initially accounted for. PLEASE, keep in mind that Manchester originally inventoried and moved my items to my storage facility.

So being a single parent who relocated to Phoenix for employment and left all my friends and family behind. It was a pure joy having to come up with the additional funds in these hard times to get my items here. So my belongings were moved onto the truck, shall I say some of my belongings were moved onto the truck.

Once the movers arrived to my destination, I had to pay an additional $75 for the extra walking the movers had to do to bring the things to my apartment, because the driver was not experienced enough to navigate his 18 wheeler through the complex. There goes the groceries for the week for me and my daughter; we just love to eat air sandwiches!!! So the move begins with an older man who couldn't move much or at a fast pace, but I'm not going to knock him making a living. The second mover was mostly trying to impress my daughter and me with the fact that he was a gangster from Chicago. People should learn the difference between being laughed at or laughed with.

The renowned gangster dropped my 42'' TV right in front of me and caused damaged to the speakers on the sides of the TV. Then he said, "It's okay and if it's not, file a claim"….. WOW!!! I have (had) a wood couch table with a custom made glass to fit that was damaged by the move, it was scratched up. Okay, I took woodshop in high school 20 yrs. ago I can fix that, but how do I fix the broken glass that I paid extra for special wrapping, to prevent breakage?

Again, I paid an extra $40.00 for my art work to be specially wrapped to prevent breakage and be hold they are all broken. So, at this point, I'm thinking it can't get any worse. Oh but it does! all my china ware is broken. The box specifically reads "Glassware"; the mover told me I should have written fragile. Maybe it's just me who knows glassware is fragile. So I continue going through my things and noticed none of the boxes with my clothes are here, no boxes with my books and VHS tapes that I keep for sentimental reasons are present.

So I have/am calling the company for assistance on this matter and all I am getting is attitude. No one returns phone calls. No one wants to give me the information for the owner; I guess its G14 classified. I called the driver to see if my things were there, and he told me he found one box but, he could not go into specifics because he was spending time with his family after being away on his long road trip. I told him I would like to spend time with my clothes that I don't have or my table I had to throw away that would store the pictures and awards of my daughter's accomplishments.

So, in essence I paid extra money for square footage I didn't receive. I paid extra for them to break the glass that covered my artwork and my china ware as well as to lose my entire wardrobe that I took years to accumulate. Not to mention my VHS collection the belonged to my deceased mother.

I wouldn't recommend Manchester Moving and Storage to my arch nemesis Satan the devil, and I hate him!!!!!! I would offer a negative rating but that's not an option.

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Monetary Loss: $5000.

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